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Our blog

Wednesday, 2 September, 2020 - 13:42

Refugees finding Covid-19 information ‘very difficult’ to understand

Refugees and asylum seekers have been forced to face the Covid-19 crisis far away from families and friends, having to contend with housing issues, difficulties with asylum procedures, anxiety, cultural differences and language barriers. This blog highlights some of the findings from 12 refugee and asylum seekers who shared their experiences with us through the survey and through follow-up interviews. They told us that their most common concerns regarding COVID-19 were: a) a fear of contracting the virus; b) feeling worried about the future or the inability to make plans; and c) “life coming to a halt.” Other common issues with most interviewees were lack of social and community interaction, concerns of the health of loved ones, and experiencing boredom. In addition, the majority found understanding information and guidance from COVID-19 “difficult” or “very difficult.” This is in stark contrast to the responses from all respondents to our survey, only 18% of whom had difficulties understanding guidance.