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Camden MSK Stakeholder Survey

We would greatly appreciate your time in filling in this stakeholder survey. You feedback is really important to Camden MSK as we will use it to continually strive to improve our services and communications.


It should take less than 2 minutes of your time.

From 1 April 2017 UCLH became the Accountable Provider Entity responsible for a completely integrated musculoskeletal service in Camden known as the Camden MSK. The service aims to improve overall MSK service provision in Camden and UCLH will work in partnership with other secondary care providers, GPs, community physiotherapists, community pain specialists and diagnosticians to develop and provide the right care at the right time for patients via a single point of entry to make a seamless pathway for patients. The service has a strong emphasis on evidence based pathways, information gathering and performance transparency.

UCLH will both provide care and alongside our partners lead the transformation needed to achieve the necessary improvements to patient care. As the Accountable Provider Entity UCLH are also responsible for contract management and financial control of the Camden MSK.