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Carers’ Week 2017 runs from Monday 12th to Friday 18th June


The events scheduled for Carers Week 2017 are below:

  • Monday 12th June
    Health and Wellbeing Day
    Time: 10 - 5pm
    Location: TBA


  • Tuesday 13th June
    Tea with CCS Trustees and Staff
    Time: TBA
    Location: Charlie Ratchford Resource Centre.


  • Wednesday 14th June
    Carers' Fun Day
    Time: TBA
    Location: Charlie Ratchford Resource Centre.


  • Thursday 15th June
    Street Party for Older and Dementia Carers
    Time: 2 - 4pm
    Location: Charlie Ratchford Resource Centre, Dining room.


  • Friday 16th June
    Carers' Special Event
    Time: TBA
    Location: Charlie Ratchford Resource Centre.

For more information and to reserve a place on any of the events please
call the office on 020 7428 8950.

To download a Carers' Week 2017 flyer please click here