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Glass Half Full - New alcohol awareness campaign for Camden & Islington

‘Glass Half Full’ is an innovative alcohol harm reduction campaign for Camden and Islington, which will run throughout June 2018. It’s about making positive, small changes to drinking that can have a beneficial, life-changing impact. It is targeted at increasing and higher risk drinkers who are 45 and older, and we have worked with residents and used their own words in the campaign.

Have a look at the website here: OneYouCamden.org. And keep an eye out for the campaign online, at bus stops, on buses and phone boxes near you!

If you would like to promote the campaign or have any questions about it, please contact: Angelina Taylor, Public Health Strategist, Camden and Islington Public Health (Email: Angelina.Taylor@islington.gov.uk / Tel: 0207 527 1324)