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Invitation to attend UCLH launch event

Your data, our challenge: how do we work together to ensure we all get the best healthcare?

The National Institute for Health Research biomedical research centre at UCLH invites you to a panel discussion about the use of patient data in research in the NHS.

The panel includes academic researchers and representatives from UCLH, industry, the NHS and technology fields. The event provides a unique opportunity for patients and the public to put questions to researchers and policy makers and voice their opinion on how health data should be used for research.

The UK has some of the richest health data in the world which may help researchers unlock the answers to many of today's important health problems. With rapid advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence, researchers can look at large amounts of data and look for patterns that will tell us more about how best to treat individuals, and how to improve healthcare services and approaches to patient care.  But who should have access to NHS patient data for research, and how can we ensure that everyone's patient data stays safe and secure?

This event is the launch of a year-long lively programme of engagement and involvement events for patients and the public in order to better understand the needs and expectations of the public when it comes to using their health data.

Please join them to pose your questions to the panel and let them know what you think about who owns patient health data and how data should be used for research in the future. Followed by a drinks reception.

Date: 2 October 2019, 2-4pm followed by a drinks reception

Location: Wesley Hotel, 81-103 Euston St, Kings Cross, London NW1 2E

To reserve your place, please register on Eventbrite

If you would like to put a question to the panel in advance of the meeting, please email it to brcenquiries@ucl.ac.uk. Please indicate if you would like the question to be put to a particular representative on the panel.