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The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

We are looking for lay members to join our committee that will be looking at children and young peple with disabilities and severe complex needs.

Closing date: 5pm, Tuesday 5 February 2019. 

Time commitment:  18 months.

We are looking for: 
People with an understanding of the health and social care support that is important for children and young people with disabilities and severe complex needs.

To be right for this role, you should:

have personal experience as a disabled child or young person with severe and complex needs and have received treatment and care provided by the NHS and social care services (please note that you need to be 16 and over to join this committee) 
or be a parent, relative or unpaid carer of a child or young person who has used relevant health and social care services
or be a volunteer or employee of a relevant voluntary organisation or support group.
Any questions?  Contact Simran Chawla at Simran.Chawla@nice.org.uk, tel: 0207 045 2058.

How to apply