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Patients Association Helpline

The Patients Association helpline is no longer using its 0845 608 4455 number; please call: 020 8423 8999

The Patients Association helpline is the national non-disease specific helpline for anyone trying to navigate the often complex health and social care systems in the UK. The helpline service is free and confidential. The practical information and guidance the helpline gives covers:

-access to treatments

-concern about treatments

-how to make a complaint about any health or social care service

-social care

-patient’s rights and responsibilities

-changing (or finding) your GP or dentist

-seeing your medical records

The helpline will often signpost callers to other organisations when appropriate.

A call back service is provided for those who call out of hours. The helpline number 020 8423 8999 and is open Mon-Fri 9.30am – 5.00pm or they can be emailed at helpline@patients-association.com.

For more information see https://www.patients-association.org.uk/helpline/ and for downloadable information resources.

If you would like to print and display an A4 poster, you can download it here https://www.patients-association.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Helpline-poster-A4-2017.pdf

For further information please contact Lucinda Keenan, the helpline manager at lucinda@patients-association or call on 020 423 8999.