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Reflections from 'Ask Your Local Hospital' Q&A Event

On Tuesday 4th August, Healthwatch Camden hosted an ‘Ask your local hospital’ Q&A event with Royal Free Hospital and University College Hospital. The event gained high interest from the public and over 200 people attended on Zoom or called in to listen.

'Ask Your Local Hospital' was organised directly in response to feedback from local people who told Healthwatch Camden that they are feeling unsure or unsafe about returning to use health and care services, especially at hospitals. They are worried about catching Covid-19 and overburdening health care staff, amid other concerns.

The Q&A event provided a chance for the chief executives of Camden’s two main hospitals, Kate Slemeck from Royal Free Hospital and Marcel Levi from UCLH, to answer pressing concerns from residents.

The two hospitals had an overwhelming message for Camden residents: hospitals are safe to use.

They reassured residents that they are taking infection control seriously and have new policies in place to keep patients safe.

Healthwatch Camden was live-tweeting the event. Follow @Healthwatchcam to see all of the questions submitted by residents and the corresponding responses from the hospitals.


Screenshot of Healthwatch Camden twitter post



Screenshot of Healthwatch Camden twitter post


Residents were also concerned about remote health services. Some preferred virtual services and wanted to know if this type of healthcare would stick around post-Covid. Others were eager to return to face-to-face appointments.

Screenshot of Healthwatch Camden twitter post



Residents also had concerns that policies implemented due to Covid created inequities in who can access health services, such as those with disabilities, those without internet, or those who don’t speak English. Both hospitals assured residents that measures are taken so that everyone can access health services. Read the responses and advice from the hospitals below:

Screenshot of Healthwatch Camden twitter post


Screenshot of Healthwatch Camden twitter post


Screenshot of Healthwatch Camden twitter post


To learn more and to see all questions and responses, go to this page for a recording of the event and for the full transcript.


If you sent a question to Healthwatch Camden that did not get answered during the live event, please be assured that all questions have been sent to Royal Free and UCLH.

If you have further questions or concerns for either Royal Free Hospital or UCLH, you are encouraged to contact them directly and voice your concerns. If it is related to your appointment or a specific department, please contact the email address or phone number on your appointment sheet. If possible, email is their preference. More information on how to contact Royal Free and UCLH is provided on their websites. Healthwatch Camden will also continue to listen to resident feedback and share it back with the two hospitals. Contact Healthwatch Camden.


Healthwatch Camden plans to host similar events in the future. If you would like to stay updated on our future events and opportunities, please sign up to our mailing list.