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Where to Volunteer in London at Christmas 2018

Volunteer Centre Camden

The Holiday Season is Here! Christmas and hHannukah 2018 volunteering roles
We have been asked about volunteer roles during the holiday season, so here you go.


Listen, we get it. You’re tucking into your fifth mince pie, and settling into watching Elf for the fifteenth time on the sofa. You don’t feel capable of taking the bins out let alone actually getting dressed and out into the real world. But it’s worth remembering that the festive season is as much about what you give back as take away – and what better way to give back than by signing up to do some volunteering over the holiday period. Here are five opportunities that will help you get into the true spirit of the season. 


Christmas is a magical time of year, where you kick back and relax with your family. At least it should be. Not everyone can enjoy that luxury. But you can help. Here are just some of the places you can volunteer at Christmas in London.