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Our reports

Posted on 07/12/2015

This report from Healthwatch Camden offers a constructive contribution to discussions about primary care, highlighting some of the variability of service across our borough.

It is not intended as a guide to patients nor a tool to help find the best GP practice. Instead, we hope it will help people to recognise where good practice exists and to work to deliver improvement where it is needed. 

Posted on 27/10/2015

The Enter and View report for the Deaf Inclusion project.

Posted on 14/09/2015

Local people have told Healthwatch Camden that the different health and social care services in Camden are not always well integrated.

Older residents living with HIV are particularly affected by how well services join up because their needs are often complex and they are more likely than others to be living with multiple conditions.

Therefore, they need to use a wide range of different services which span health and social care and which include specialist HIV services and other non-specialist services. 

Posted on 14/08/2015

Healthwatch Camden
Unaudited Trustees’ Report and Financial Statements For the period 21 June 2013 to 31 March 2014

Posted on 06/08/2015

The Easy Read version of Healthwatch Camden's 2014 - 2015 Annual Report.

Posted on 06/08/2015

Download the Healthwatch Camden 2014 - 2015 Annual Report

Posted on 02/06/2015

This paper contains:

  • Key points from our 2013 – 2015 strategic plan
  • Key points from our review of how we’ve put the plan into operation so far
  • Our updated plan for 2015 and beyond 

Posted on 23/03/2015

Healthwatch Camden conducted a survey of parents who are currently benefiting from short breaks provision in Camden because we wanted to understand what contribution short breaks are making to the health and wellbeing of local families. 

Posted on 14/01/2015

On Monday 24th November 2014 we held our first Annual General Meeting at the Arlington Conference Centre in Camden.

The event provided an opportunity for Healthwatch Camden to hear from our stakeholders and from the local community. In particular, we asked for feedback and suggestions on our new online guide to local health and social care services called “Start Here....”

We also asked what people would like us to work on in 2015. A workshop “market place” session explored the theme of “how to make the system work for you”. 

Posted on 16/10/2014

A new Healthwatch Camden report, published on 16th September 2014, finds that information, advice and access to services for children with special educational needs or disabilities in the borough of Camden can be “hit and miss”.

Camden Council has responded positively to all the recommendations made in the report. See the full report and recomendations, including the response from Camden.

Posted on 30/07/2014

In 2014, Healthwatch Camden used its statutory powers of “enter and view” to investigate how well the current catering services at GOSH are meeting patients’ needs and preferences.

A team of volunteers visited the hospital on two occasions to observe meal services on eight different wards and to speak with patients and their families about the hospital food. 

Posted on 01/07/2014

The Easy Read version of the Healthwatch Camden Annual Report 2013 -2014

Posted on 01/07/2014

Download the Healthwatch Camden Annual Report 2013 - 2014.

Posted on 21/05/2014

Healthwatch Camden is nearly a year old! Over the last year we’ve been busy making strong links within the local community and listening to what local people think of their health and social care services. 

Posted on 19/03/2014

The Easy Read version of our strategic plan.

Posted on 10/03/2014

On Monday 25th November 2013 we held our first Community Forum event at Arlington Conference Centre in Camden.

The Community Forum is an opportunity for Healthwatch Camden to listen to the views of local people, voluntary sector workers, and health and care professionals. We asked attendees to tell us what they think are the key issues we should be working on over the coming months, and why. 

Posted on 28/01/2014

A wide ranging regeneration project is planned for Gospel Oak, as part of plans to improve housing and community facilities in the area. Part of this includes plans to redevelop the Lismore health centre.

To create environments, spaces, and facilities that meet the needs of local residents, Camden Council is working in partnership with the local community throughout the development planning.

Our role as local Healthwatch is to help facilitate public engagement and give local residents a strong voice in shaping the plans for health services in the area. 

Posted on 24/01/2014

Most medical care and treatment goes well, but occasionally people are not happy with the care or treatment they have received.

When this happens patients have the right to complain. However, through our discussions within the local community and Healthwatch network, we know that some people find the NHS complaints processes difficult to navigate and that this can deter them from making a complaint.

In addition, some people are reluctant to complain because they are worried it may affect their care, or that it won’t make any difference. Others may require additional support but not know where to find it. 

Posted on 20/01/2014

Enquiries to Healthwatch Camden’s information line suggest that some home care users and their families experience difficulties in sourcing information on home care.

They say that this makes it difficult to arrange home care, and to make informed choices about their care.

This study aims to find out whether this is a widespread problem, through listening to a wide range of home care service users. 

Posted on 29/10/2013

Download Healthwatch Camden Strategic Plan.