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Kilburn High Road development scheme - Presentation by Camden/Brent - 14th Dec

Camden & Brent councils are presenting their proposals for a major development of Kilburn High Road on Monday 14th December at The Tricycle Theatre, 269 Kilburn High Road - from 11am to3pm. refreshments will be provided. (please see flyer attached)


Their objectives include making the High Road a safer place for everyone (the area is a top accident spot) trying to make it a more attractive place for people, businesses and visitors. 

Proposals include widening pavement areas, installing a central median strip - island in the middle of the road, traffic measures: 20mph speed limit, de-cluttering the footways. 

Following the public meetings there will be a period of public consultation.   

see: Camden.gov.uk/khr


Please share the information with your contacts and encourage people to attend.

As you know KOVE have been campaigning for safer road crossings for considerable time and this initiative allows people to contribute their views and suggestions.



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