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Supports those struggling with mental distress, including: hearing voices, extremes of mood, anxiety, unusual beliefs and post-traumatic reactions

  • Offers an innovative Wellbeing & Mental Health Recovery Service (The Phoenix), providing a range of co-produced support spaces, dedicated personal support, peer support groups and workshops

  • Provides Minor Tranquilliser Service in Camden and Islington that enables 90% of its users to stabilise, reduce or withdraw their use of Benzodiazepines 

  • Runs projects such as:

             * Voice Collective, an information, support and capacity building project that aims to improve services for children and young people who hear or see things others don't across London

             * Paranoia & Beliefs Project  which is building capacity to enable organisations in Greater London to provide peer support groups for people with unusual and distressing beliefs

             * London Hearing Voices Prisons Project which aims to develop sustainable Hearing Voices peer support groups in at least 6 of the 8 London prisons

Mind In Camden for Healthwatch Camden