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Healthwatch Camden

COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

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SPECIAL REPORT - Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic views on the COVID-19 vaccine in Camden

In February, we worked with three local community organisations to survey 223 people about their views on the COVID-19 vaccine and the local rollout. Nearly all responders (97%) were from Black, Asian, or minority ethnic backgrounds. We learned that the more knowledge someone felt they had about the vaccine, the greater the likelihood of them wanting to be vaccinated. Read our report. 

WEBINAR - Autism and the COVID-19 vaccine programme

We are partnering with the Asperger London Area Group and Autism Hub Islington to offer a free webinar on the vaccination programme and vaccine passports. 

Date - Tuesday 11th May 2021

Time - 7pm to 8.30pm

Find out more here.

ONLINE EVENT - In Conversation with Professor Sir Michael Marmot 

On 11 May, we hosted Sir Michael. He spoke on the topic of ‘Building back fairer’ and shared ideas on how we move forward in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the complete recording of the event here.




Online Event - Ask About the COVID-19 Vaccine!

The online event, 'Ask about the COVID-19 Vaccine', was a huge success as around 150 Camden residents attended the free session where they were able to ask questions from the local experts on the COVID-19 vaccine. Find the full recording and transcript of the event here.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Healthwatch Camden wishes Ramadan Mubarak to all of our Muslim residents observing Ramadan. The British Islamic Medical Association have approved the use of the vaccine during Ramadan. For more info in English, Arabic, Sylheti, Somali & Urdu visit here. If you have diabetes, read advice on fasting during Ramadan.

Dental Services in Camden

How do dental practices work? Who is responsible for their funding? Dr Michael Weider, Principal Dentist of the Maldent Dental Practice and Implant Centre, in this short informative blog, dispels some of the myths about the NHS dental services.


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My Camden COVID-19 Health Champion Journey

Sandra Wheen, a Camden resident, talks about her experiences of becoming a ...

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