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Meet your Healthwatch Camden team members.

Frances Hasler

Frances Hasler - Director

Frances Hasler has worked in disabled people's organisations at local, regional and national level.

Nationally she led work on user involvement in the regulator for health and social care.

Recently she has worked on the national Healthwatch programme.

She is an expert in independent living and is currently learning a lot more about commissioning as a lay board member of her local Clinical Commissioning Group.

Contact Frances:

Telephone:  020 7383 2402 

Mobile: 07717 547614

Email: frances.hasler@healthwatchcamden.co.uk

Lindi Maqhubela - Communications Manager

Lindi is Healthwatch Camden's Communications Manager. She is a Public Relations, and Communications expert, and has worked in the charity, public and private sector on both external and internal communications. She has a Master's degree in Marketing.

Telephone 020 7383 2402 

Email: lindi.maqhubela@healthwatchcamden.co.uk

Shelly Khan - Community Engagement Manager

Shelly is Healthwatch Camden's Community Engagement and Volunteer Manager. She has experience in working in partnership with residents and stakeholders to identify health and social care needs, and gaps in local services.

Telephone 020 7383 2402 

Email: shelly.khan@healthwatchcamden.co.uk

Anna Wright - Policy Lead and Deputy Director

Anna is Healthwatch Camden’s Policy Lead and Deputy Director. She has experience at the global and national level in the field of health policy and research, including working for the World Health Organisation and for the Dartmouth Centre for Healthcare Delivery Science. She has a Master’s Degree in Health Policy, Planning and Finance. Anna lives and grew up in Camden.

Telephone: 020 7383 2402 

Email: anna.wright@healthwatchcamden.co.uk