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Advancing mental health equality: scope for consultation

The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health identified inequalities in mental health as a significant problem needing to be addressed nationally and locally.

The scope of the project. The NCCMH will review the evidence around a range of mental health inequalities, with reference to people with protected characteristics and intersectionality, and focusing on legal, financial and ethical responsibilities. 

The royal college of Psychiatrists (RPsych) want to create a practical resource for commissioners and service providers. 

To do this RPsych would like to hear from the perspective of: 

• People with lived experiences of using mental health services and carers
• Commissioners and system leaders 
• Service providers/ professionals

Scope consultation

Dates: Friday 8 June – Wednesday 4 July 2018

Process: Submit comments in an email, in comment boxes or using the comments table provided to Dominique.Gardner@rcpsych.ac.uk

At the end of the consultation period, your comments will be collated into one document and your name will be removed (but the information about your professional affiliation and area of expertise will be retained), for a Steering Committee to review and assess the most appropriate outcome.

If you would like to comment on the scope but the documents are inaccessible to you in a written format, please Dominique.Gardner@rcpsych.ac.uk